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We pride ourselves to create engaging and fun animations which contributes to our client’s success. We are a team of highly talented and experienced individuals known in the industry for state of the art business video production. Video Animation Infinix enables brands with strong animations that attract, engage and delights the right audience to their business.

WE ARE Experienced

We have been contributing to our client’s success since 2010. Our innovative and creative animations are designed and crafted smartly to serve each brand in a customized and result-oriented fashion.

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WE ARE Flexible

We keep a look out for the ever changing trends in the industry. Change is what digital world is all about, and to ensure we bring the best on the table for our clients we stay up to date and project the change smartly.

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WE ARE Friendly

We encourage a friendly and optimistic culture which instigates creativity. We work tirelessly to bring you the animation you have dreamed for your brand to ensure your originality is reflected in your video.

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WE ARE Transparent

Our designs, production and payment process is simple and transparent. Our team is always available to guide you with any queries you have. You can track your order details through dedicated user portal.

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WE ARE Innovative

We use innovative technology to create engaging video animations. Our animators are experts having created thousands of videos for clients around the world producing stunning work time and time again.

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WE ARE Unique

We measure our success by your level of satisfaction. To ensure this, we build relationships with every customer to better understand the problems and offer solutions that fit perfectly.

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We offer you the best assistance at the most competitive prices. The price you invest buys you our premium-quality services; from video design to animation, from voiceovers to storyboarding and all the way to our countless revisions!

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